The Regional Water Consortium
Meter Replacement and Upgrade Project
Village's of Dewberry , Marwayne and Kitscoty

Thanks to 100% grant funding recieved through
Alberta Community Partnerships

Update - October 28 2016

art of the Meter Replacement and Upgrade Project was the installation of Leak Detection Modules.
These were placed to help the Village's determine the possibility of leaks in  areas  of the Village.

Metercor has kindly agreed to come out again in November to complete the installation of these leak detectors.

You may recieve a call from Metercor with regards to the arranging of an appointment for the
installation of one of these leak detector modules.

Did you know that you can read your own meter?
The average household uses 15m3 per month, is yours a little high?
Maybe you've got a leaky faucet or a leaky toilet?
To save yourself the headache later do a little investigative work today!