Pursuant to the Municipal Goverment Act 1994 as amended, the Council of the Village of Dewberry duly assembled hereby enacts as follows:

The inclusion of the requirements for placement and purchase of Mobile Home Lots also referred to as "trailers".

This bylaw to override any previous motion made as it pertains to the items listed in this bylaw.

1. There are to be no restriction in regards to the number of mobile homes"trailers" lots sold in the Village of Dewberry Mobile Home subdivision located at the North West corner of the Village of Dewberry.

2. Each Mobile Home"trailer" to be placed on the purchased lot in a north south direction with a 5(five) foot minimum side yard from property lines of adjacent lots on either side of Mobile Home "trailer". As per existing land use bylaw 346 amended.

3. Any additional lots purchased in Village of Dewberry Mobile home subdivision not to house a mobile home"trailer" may house an accessory building so long as it is a permanent structure.
Definition of a permanent structure to mean "any structure that has a roof and walls intended for support or enclosure and intented to exist for an indefinite period of time"

4. Purchaser must obtain a development permit from the Village of Dewberry in regards to construction of accessory building. Construction of accessory building must adhere to current requirements in land use bylaw 295.

5. Trailers to be skirted and settled within one year of purchase of mobile home lot.

6. Age of mobile home to be no older than 1990

7. Mobile home roof permitted to be either peak or flat roofed.

8. Mobile home base may be either piling or cement pad.

This bylaw to come into effect as of February 28 2013 - Bylaw #360-13

Purchase price of Mobile home "trailer" lots in the Village of Dewberry Mobile Home subdivision are
$14 500.00 plus GST.
Sale of said lots to be arranged through ColdWell Bankers located in Lloydminster.