In 1906 Eli Sweet came to the area from Crediton Ontario. He saw the need for a stopping house and post office and built one.
Then a name was needed for this post office. The name Watson submitted along with one or two others were rejected.
Then one day Mrs. Andy Brett walked in with a pail of Dewberries and said try Dewberry. It was submitted and accepted.

    In 1926 the people were assured the railway was coming and small businesses started up quickly in the area.

    Between 1926 - 1932 four elevators were built. British American later became National and then Cargill.  On August 1at 1982
the Cargill (formerly National was destroyed by fire due to a lightening strike). In 1984 Cargill demolished the remaining two of their
    In 1998 the only remaining elevator , The Alberta Wheat Pool was demolished.

    In 1926 Stanely Tullock built a butcher shop. In 1926 Stan McKay built a hardware store and had the International Harvestor
Co. now the present  Dewberry Senior's Centre.

    In 1926 Jim Armstrong built a livery barn which he operated until 1940 when he joined the Second World War.

    In 1928 HP Levitt built a store and confectionary. It was destroyed by fire in 1932 as well as the Municipal Office operated by
Harry Wood. It was rebuilt and later became the first Co-op store. The new Co-op store was opened in 1986 and the old one now
houses various businesses as is known as 97 Street Plaza.

    In 1937 Rural Mail Delivery was begun by Erven Garnier as the first mail carrier and is still in operation today with Lanie Parr as

    In 1934 Victor Dennill moved Dennills Garage from the farm to where the Dewberry Hotel is now. In 1936 they moved to the
present sight on Main Street  and is now known as Dennill's AgriCentre. 78 years of service to Dewberry and surrounding communities.

    In 1927 The United Church was built. Mr. John Tough was one of the earliest student ministers and later decided to homestead. The
Church still stands.

    First school was built in 1929 and opening in January 1930.

    Dewberry was incorporated as a village in 1957 .

    In 1964 water and sewer was installed.

    In 1966 the Curling Rink, Firehall and Village Office was built all together.

    In 1967 as a Centennial Project the Arena was built and in the early 70's the Hall was added.

    In 1973 Dewberry Border Credit Union was established in part of the present Senior's Citizens Building with Rick Rewuski
as Manager and later in 1981 a new building was built.

    In 1980 the first Heritage Villa (Seniors Subsidized Apartments) were opened and in 1990 the second Villa was opened.

    In 1987 the first Veterinary Clinic  was opened by Dr. Barb Wilhelm and in 1988 Dr. Gary Etherington took over and it
is presently owned by Dr. Brenda Spark..

    DewFab Machine & Welding opened their business in 2000 in the former Vet Clinic and in 2005 a new building was erected
by the UFA Bulk Station. Neal Jones operated the UFA for 50 years as well as his own service station which is now owned and
operated by Ken's Auto & Diesel Repair.

    In 2006 a new Firehall is under construction, and completed in 2008

In 2011 construction on the new Water Treatment Plant was completed.

                                                                         Hamlet of Dewberry - 1938