The Village of Dewberry will be holding a public hearing to hear submissions, written and oral on a proposed
New Land Use Bylaw (No 17-389) and Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw No 17-390). The purpose of
the land use bylaw is to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the Village of Dewberry.
The proposed land use bylaw provides further clarity on development regulations and procedures as contained within the previous
version of the document and would replace the existing land use bylaw 295.
The purpose of the municipal development plan is to provide general direction on land use, growth and development over the
long term, within the Village boundaries. Polices contained within the municipal development plan inform the regulations contained within
the land use bylaw.

The public hearing will be held on Tuesday August 22 2017 commencing at or shortly after 7:30pm  and ending at 8:30pm, and held
in the Council Chambers in the Village Administration Building, 22 Centre Street, Dewberry AB T0B 1G0

A member of the firm responsible for the construction of both the land use bylaw and the municipal development plan, V3, will be
on site to help answer any questions.

Anyone wishing to make presentations, either written or oral, may do so at the time of the public hearing..

For your information

Proposed Land Use Bylaw

Municipal Development Plan